Ashford Center 1838Ashford was settled in 1710 and incorporated as a town in October of 1714.  Under the grant of town privileges the first town meeting was held early in 1715. William Ward acted as moderator; John Mixer was chosen town clerk and treasurer; John Perry, constable; William Ward and John Perry, selectmen; William Ward and John Chapman, grand jurors, and William Ward, Philip Eastman, Nathaniel Fuller, John Pitt, Benjamin Russell, James Corbin and Isaac Kendall were chosen to lay out highways.  Thus began at long history in Ashford of local government, local control, and a government close to the residents.  Hence, the Ashford Republicans’ Platform follows in that tradition.

  • We support fiscal responsibility and accountability in government.
  • We support excellence in education.
  • We believe that responsible town government should serve the people.
  • We believe in protecting our rural environment and agricultural heritage while allowing appropriate business development.