donations appreciated

As is the case for all organizations, the Ashford RTC needs funds to support our activities.  Although there are many levels to assist our political activities, for a large majority, our party’s get-out-the-vote activities are fueled by small dollar donations coming from a wide spectrum of people across Ashford.  Often, contributions of $10, $20, $50 and $100 make our Election Day efforts a huge success.  (The maximum annual total contribution is $2000 per individual. However, the maximum is only $30 if under age 18.)

The state of Connecticut requires certain information to accompany any contribution.  Please click on the link below to open a form, print and complete it; then include it with your donation check (made out to the Ashford RTC).  The mailing address is:

  • Ashford Republican Town Committee
  • Richard S. Williams, Treasurer
  • P. O. Box 135
  • Ashford, CT 06278

Click here for the form to donate to the Ashford Republican Town Committee.