Appointed Boards

            An integral but often overlooked part of town government is the special-purpose board, commission or representative. In some cases only one person is needed to serve a designated role; in other cases a small committee is appointed.

           For the most part, non-elected appointments are made by the Board of Selectmen based upon the recommendation of the standing Committee or Commission. Boards and Commissions having more than two members must adhere to the rule of minority representation.

Agent for the Elderly:  One person, no regular meetings but participates in the Commission on Aging. Helps elderly with government assistance.

Agriculture Commission: Five members, three alternates. Meets on third Thursdays to promote Ashford farming and agricultural businesses.

Animal  Control Officer:  One person, no regular meetings.  Responsible for policing stray animals.

 Burning Officer:  One person.  No regular meetings.  Gives permission to burn outside when conditions are safe.

Commission on Aging: Seven members. Meets in the Earl Smith Senior Center in Warrenville. Monitors needs of Ashford’s seniors and provides beneficial enrichment programs.

  Conservation Commission: Seven members, two alternates. Meets on fourth Mondays. The Commission is an advisory group which monitors the Ashford Plan of Conservation and Development to preserve the town’s rural character. Also promotes effective land stewardship and environmental practices.

   Eastern Highlands Health District: One representative. Meets on third Thursdays in Coventry town hall annex.

Eastern Region Mental Health Board: One representative.

 Ashford Economic Development Commission: nine regular members, two alternates. Meets on fourth Wednesdays to promote businesses in town.

   Housing Authority: five members. Meets on third Tuesdays in the Pompey Hollow Senior Housing complex in Warrenville. Manages that facility.

   Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission: Seven regular members, two alternates.  Meets on first Tuesday.  Regulates development in wetland areas.

    Justices of the Peace are appointed by the political parties.

    Parks and Recreation Commission: Five members, three alternates. Meets on second Mondays. Manages two town parks and plans recreational activities.