Elected Boards

Elected Boards and Commissions

Meetings are held in the evenings in the Town Office Building in Warrenville unless otherwise noted.

Board of Selectmen: Three members. Meets twice a month on first and third Mondays. First Selectmen acts as the town “CEO.” The Selectmen hire town government employees, supervise and direct town government activities, prepare budget recommendations for the Board of Finance and enter into contracts on behalf of the town.

Board of Finance: Six members, three  alternates. Meets on Thursdays twice a month January through June, once a month thereafter. Conducts hearings and prepares town budget for voter approval. Sets tax rates in time for June 30 tax bills. Hires town auditor, follows-up auditor recommendations; publishes annual Town Report.

Board of Assessment Appeals: Three members, two alternates.  Meets in March to hear appeals related to assessment of real estate, motor vehicles and personal property, and in September for motor vehicle appeals only. Appeals and requests for a hearing must be filed in writing by February 20.  Forms are available from the Assessor’s Office.

Board of Education: Seven members. Meets on Thursdays mostly twice a month at the AshfordSchool. Hires Superintendent and Principal, sets policies for day-to-day administration. Prepares budgets for voter approval and administers annual budget received from the town.

Region 19 Board of Education: Twelve member board with four elected from Ashford. Meets on first Tuesdays at  E.O. Smith High School in Mansfield. Hires Superintendent and Principal, sets policies for day-to-day administration of the regional High School. Prepares budgets for Regional approval.

Planning and Zoning Commission: Nine members, three alternates.  Meets on second Mondays. Writes and approves zoning regulations, issues zoning permits for lot design including buildings and drive-ways for both commercial and private development. Periodically updates the town plan of development which establishes the zones for commercial, residential and agricultural use.

Zoning Board of Appeals: Five members, three alternates. Meets on second Wednesdays. Rules on citizen appeals to decisions made by Planning & Zoning Commission.

 Babcock Library Board of Trustees:  Six members. Meets on fourth Tuesdays at the Library. Board hires Library Director; plans and supervises library programs, services, and activities; writes governing policies; prepares budget requests for Board of Selectmen; administers annual town grant (which comprises 95% of library budget) as well as separate endowments and special purpose accounts.